W.E.Care. (Webb's Essentials Care)


We care about the environment, and supporting children in need, so when your child outgrows his/her garment, please send us an email and mention W.E.Care. We’ll send you a stamped, self-addressed pouch to mail us the garment back so we can recycle it and donate the proceeds to children's charities. 


 Who do we support?


January        Birth Defect Prevention

February      Childhood Congenital Heart Defects

March          Developmental Disabilities

April            Autism Awareness

May             Hearing and Speech Awareness

June            Sickle Cell Awareness

July            Cleft & Craniofacial Awareness

August        Gastroparesis Awareness 

September  Childhood Cancer & Leukemia Awareness

October      Down Syndrome Awareness

November  Childhood Diabetes

December   Children's Respiratory Health