About Webb's Essentials

About Webb's Essentials

Our Founder - Kerry Webb

Kerry was born and raised in the UK and lived there until 2014.  After finishing school, she tried a few different careers, a legal secretary, hairdresser, plumber and after having 3 children became a teacher, working with children with various needs, including visual impairment, ADHD, Learning difficulties and Gifted and Talented.  This is where her real passion for children's needs started.

In 2014 Kerry moved to the United States to be with her now husband and started Webb's Essentials after the birth of her 4th child in 2016, after realizing that good quality, clothing that would last for up to a year was hard to find. You see, her daughter Lexie was born with Down Syndrome which means that her growth is slower than that of typical children and therefore clothing would often wear out or become 'tatty' looking long before she outgrew it!

Initially Kerry focused on finding just the right clothing, natural, organic cottons that wouldn't irritate sensitive skin and after a while found that many of her friends and customers wanted feeding items, toys, and pretty much anything for babies and children, made from natural materials.  

Kerry believes that our products should, in some way, make our lives easier, so with this in mind, we only work with companies that can provide products with the details and quality that our customers are looking for. 

We hope that you love what you find at Webb's Essentials and that your children will love our products too!