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About Us

Kerry Webb is the sole owner of Webb's Essentials which was founded after the birth of her daughter, Lexie Lou (Pictured below).

Lexie was born in June 2016 and was shortly thereafter diagnosed with Trisomy 21, more commonly known as Down Syndrome,

Down Syndrome affects all parts of the body, but most notably in Lexie's case, was her slow growth.  In her first year, many of her clothes became worn out and tattered long before she outgrew them, and this was, and still is the main inspiration behind our clothing and accessories brand.

Kerry's main goal was to source and provide good quality clothing that would be robust enough to last two or even three seasons.  She also wanted to ensure that the clothing she sourced was affordable, as many children with special or additional needs, especially, have lots of medical and physical needs that can rapidly eat into a family's budget, leaving very little left for anything more than the basics.

And so Webb's Essentials was born, providing quality, affordable clothing, shoes and accessories for all children, and we continually strive to source and provide items that meet specific needs that children may have.

We are always open to suggestions and ideas, whether that's a particular need you or your child has, or just an improvement to our pages, we would love to hear from you.



More recently, we have been working hard to source local products and are now able to provide nursery and feeding items from US suppliers, therefore allowing for much quicker shipping times.  We are proud to support small family owned and operated businesses to provide our customers with the quality products they deserve.